Who we are

SVWW has gone through various different stages since its foundation in 1926, even advancing from a small-town league to the professional ranks during the early years of the millennium. The club has always been characterised by a sense of duality: 2 perspectives, 2 constellations, that are united with each other. The significance of the number 2 and the duality of SVWW is no coincidence: Founded in the 20s. Two-city structure. Twice moved up to the 2nd Bundesliga to date. 2 main locations for the club - the training centre in Taunusstein-Wehen and the BRITA Arena in Wiesbaden. The 2 careers of our very own Alf Mintzel - on the pitch and now in marketing. This dual perspective is evident too in the club coat of arms - with its 2 Ws.

Each instance of duality is about acting in partnership and combining both perspectives with a sense of proportion. Each element is supported by the other and they are of equal importance. This approach is reflected throughout our club - because: As SVWW, not only do we combine Taunusstein with Wiesbaden and old with young, but also business with humanity and growth with sustainability.

Our aim is always to achieve a sustainable balance between opposites in a fast-paced, anonymising era: Through, with and in football.

In doing this, we concentrate on four core areas: Location, society, sport, economy. SVWW underpins this balanced approach with its unambiguous brand promise: Das W vereint.

SVWW and its main protagonists battle passionately on and off the pitch, together with fans, supporters and partners.

SVWW is expanding well in all areas. Sustainable work with the underage groups and the build-up for our administration provide the foundation for long-term development and anchoring in the Bundesliga.

SVWW is an accessible and family-oriented club that embodies societal and sporting values unequivocally.

SVWW does not shy away from sometimes taking daring but always calculated decisions, in order to secure a successful future and to reinforce its position