Partnership with the Hessen Football Association's Fair Play Forum

What is the Fair Play Forum?

The Hessen Football Association (HFV) demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility through the establishment of the Hessen Football Social Foundation (HFV).

The foundation was first established thanks to the proceeds from the 2006 World Cup, which the German Football Association distributed to its 21 regional associations. Further funding is provided by fines imposed by the legal authorities of the HFV. This amounts to approximately ten percent of the foundation's annual income. By adopting this policy, the federation hopes to send out a strong message: all the income from disciplinary fines goes towards violence prevention initiatives. The social foundation also receives donations from third parties, and would like to increase its funding share from donations in line with the values of the foundation. The foundation relies on support from businesses, the public sector and private individuals with specific ties to football.

The Social Foundation has set itself the goal of organising and promoting social activities in football, in particular measures to prevent violence and promote integration and fair play. The Hessen Football Fair Play Forum was set up to implement this strategy. All social activities organised by the Hessen Football Social Foundation and the Hessian Football Association fall under the umbrella of the Hessen Football Fair Play Forum.

In addition, the forum also bundles together the activities of various partners in Hessen (associations, local authorities, committees, etc.) who are committed to fair play. In addition, the forum also serves as a platform for communication.

This has resulted in a sustainable and ever-expanding network for violence prevention, integration and fair play. All football clubs in Hessen, as well as institutions that want to get involved in fair play in football, are cordially invited to become part of the network!

Source: The Fair Play Forum homepage

To what extent do SVWW and the Fair Play Forum work together?

SVWW is a campaign partner of the Hessen Football Fairplay Forum.

All campaign partners are committed to preventing discrimination and violence. They have all taken part in a relevant workshop, signed a declaration and committed themselves to wearing the campaign logo on their sleeves for all matches. 

Source: The Fair Play Forum homepage

Implementation in practice/club life:

All SVWW teams take part in a fair play workshop once a season. This workshop is led and moderated by specially-trained speakers from the Fair Play Forum.

While the U15 team take part in the foundation workshop "No to discrimination and violence!", the U16-U19 teams participate in the follow-up workshop "How to deal with conflict on the football pitch". After each workshop, all SVWW players make a pledge to follow these guidelines/values. This commitment is given visual expression through the display of the campaign logo on jersey sleeves.  

In addition, SVWW supports the Fair Play Forum with additional projects, such as ''Fair Play on the sidelines'' and ''Street football for tolerance.'' 

Fair Play on the sidelines - let the children play.

Loud, screaming parents - fearful children. Unfortunately, scenes like this are a common sight on football pitches across Hessen. However, many parents are unaware of their poor conduct and the negative effect it has on their children. The goal of "Fair Play on the sidelines," is to hold up a mirror to parents and help create an atmosphere in which children can play without pressure and take joy in football. 

Source: The Fair Play Forum homepage

Street football for tolerance

Street football for tolerance is a campaign which has been drawn up to help young people learn the values of fair play. Several events have been organised over the past few years. Another such event has been organised with Sportjugend Hessen this year.

Both the social foundation and Sportjugend Hessen hire street football pitches and provide qualified members of staff to oversee the sessions and make sure that all rules are adhered to. What makes these sessions special is the fact that fair play and creativity are rewarded with extra points and can therefore have a significant impact on the final score of each match. 

Source: The Fair Play Forum homepage

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